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James Bond: Skyfall (2012)
Naomie as Eve
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The First Grader (2010)
Naomie as Jane Obinchu
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Accused (2010)
Naomie as Alison
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Frankenstein Giveaway

As you know “Frankenstein” was a huge hit when it premiered last year. And due to its popularity with National Theatre Live audiences around the world, encore screenings are being held this summer. So this is your chance, if for some reason you couldn’t make it to a live performance in London or one of the many screenings around the world last year! Or maybe the play was so good you just have to see it again?

The lovely people from The National Theatre of Great Britain want to help make that happen for you: They have offered us 4 free NT Live passes to attend the June screenings. (Check here to find out what locations are available) And all you have to do to win one of these passes  is let your fan feelings out in the most creative way possible. You can create fan posters, send in graphics, draw fan art, write in about your past experiences with the story, or even just tell us why it is that you really really want to go.

Additionally, we also have cinema-sized posters of the Frankenstein artwork featuring Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller to give away.

You’re in? Great. Then just fill out this contact form here with your info and your entry or email me with the subject line ‘NT Live Giveaway’, and keep your fingers crossed. Of course, we want you to be as creative as possible, so you can send in as many entries as you wish. But be quick and spread the word, as entries will only be open until June 4, 2012.

And even if your entry should not be picked, it can still be displayed on the National Theatre’s social media profiles and NT Live Blog. So let us know, if you want us to forward your entries. When you do attend one of the screenings be sure to tag all your tweets and status updates with #FrankieNTLIVE to share your Frankenstein love with the whole world!

Have fun everyone, and good luck ; )

By Webmiss • June 01, 2012 • News • Comments: 0

First Skyfall Promo Photo

Chek out this gorgeous promo photo of Naomie in the upcoming James Bond film Skyfall. The film is wrapping production some time this month and will be in theaters later this year.

By Webmiss • May 17, 2012 • News, Photos • Comments: 1

Marie Claire Interview: Need to Meet

Naomie recently talked to Marie Claire about her worst date, what she would discuss with Jesus, and why she’ll never grow out of the Sound of Music. Watch the interview below:

By Webmiss • September 14, 2011 • News, Videos • Comments: 1

YoungHollywood Interview

After finishing her run in Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein, Naomie is currently in the United States to promote her new film “The First Grader”. There she sat down for an exclusive interview with the people of YoungHollywood. Watch below:

By Webmiss • May 12, 2011 • News • Comments: 0

First “Frankenstein” Pictures + Reviews

As you all know, Naomie is currently starring in “Frankenstein” at the National Theatre with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller. She plays Elizabeth Lavenza, Dr. Frankenstein’s doomed fiancée. I believe she only has a couple of scenes but has gotten some pretty good reviews so far. Since this is her first big play Naomie appreciates this: “I can hide. It’s not the lead. Jonny [Lee Miller] and Benedict [Cumberbatch] are carrying the show.”

For a round-up of all the “Frankenstein” Reviews visit Whatsonstage.Com. To read an interview with Naomie about the play click here.

A couple of pictures from the show have already been added to the gallery:

By Webmiss • February 24, 2011 • News, Photos • Comments: 1

Naomie in “Dark Tower” Trilogy ?

The New York Post is reporting that

“Pirates of the Caribbean” beauty Naomie Harris is being considered for the female lead in the Ron Howard‘s eagerly anticipated “Dark Tower” trilogy.

Based on Stephen King‘s western fantasy series which stretches out over many books, the “Dark Tower” Hollywood project is already being hyped as the next big thing and Page Six reports that “agents are tripping over themselves to land their clients coveted roles in what promises to be a blockbuster film and television franchise.”

Because of the sheer volume of material to work with the story will not only be told in three feature films but the time between the films will be bridged by two television series with the same actors.

Front runner for the male lead seems to be Javier Bardem. To find out more about the “Dark Tower” series please visit Wikipedia.

By Webmiss • January 07, 2011 • News • Comments: 2

“Accused” Preview

BBC has released a new preview for next week’s episode of “Accused”. ‘Alison’s Story’ will be on next Monday, December 20.

By Webmiss • December 14, 2010 • News, Videos • Comments: 0

Naomie Part of new ‘Frankenstein’ Play

It was recently announced that Naomie will play Elizabeth Lavenza in Nick Dear’s new ‘Frankenstein’ play. For the production, which will be at the Olivier Theatre, Naomie will reunite with her ‘Small Island’ co-star Benedict Cumberbatch. Cumberbatch and actor Jonny Lee Miller will share the lead role of Victor Frankenstein.

The play will run from February to April 2010 and you can already get your tickets at the National Theatre website.

Also, don’t forget to catch Naomie’s episode of ‘Accused’ entitled ‘Alison’s Story’ on BBC next Monday!

By Webmiss • December 13, 2010 • News • Comments: 0

‘Accused’ Premieres Next Week

The BBC recently announced that “Accused”, their new drama series following people accused of crimes as each awaits the verdict of their trial, will premiere on BBC One on Monday, November 15, 2010- which is next week!

Naomie takes the lead in the sixth and final episode. So we’ll have to wait five more weeks to see her. She will play Alison Wade, a mother of two, who is facing serious charges and is in a state of shock and disbelief.

“Alison is a fantastic leading female role – a gift to any actress”, Naomie says of her character.

“I’m quite sure the story will take the audience on a huge roller-coaster of a ride with their emotions and allegiances’ swinging between Alison and her husband, David, as their marriage disintegrates and they become pitted against each other.”

I don’t want to give too much away, so if you want to know more, just click here and scroll down to episode six.

By Webmiss • November 09, 2010 • News • Comments: 0

Event Updates

As you all know ‘The First Grader’ was the closing film at this year’s Doha Tribeca Film Festival. And the film won the audience award!

Naomie, Oliver Litondo and director Justin Chadwick accepted the award in person and also attended some other events at the festival:

x009 2010 Doha Tribeca Film Festival – Photocall
x005 2010 Doha Tribeca Film Festival – Day 3
x019 2010 Doha Tribeca Film Festival – Day 5

By Webmiss • November 05, 2010 • News, Photos • Comments: 0

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